PHYTO Hair Care Aligns with Renowned Celebrity Stylist Jose Eber

NEW l'espace phytoT and SUBTIL Botanics Professional Hair Color Now Available at Jose Eber Salon Plano, Texas

New York, NY - Appealing to an upscale salon clientele alike, PHYTO, the experts in botanical hair care, aligns with renowned celebrity stylist, Jose Eber and his salons nationwide. PHYTO and Jose Eber will celebrate their latest venture at the Jose Eber Salon in Plano, Texas on Tuesday, October 4th 2011 from 6-8pm. Perfectly located outside of Dallas, Plano is one of the area's top destinations for hair care. The evening will consist of cocktails, complimentary hair and scalp analysis by PHYTO experts, deluxe samples and an appearance by Jose himself.

For over four decades, Jose Eber has been at the forefront of today's hair trends and a leader in the art of hairdressing. Mr. Eber is also known as the architect of the world's most acclaimed hair styles. A celebrity himself Jose' has run his hands through glamorous Hollywood personalities, legendary stars, men and women from all walks of life.
With an award winning team of handpicked stylist, colorist, and make-up artist's along with five star service you will experience what we call "The Jose' Experience"! With class and compassion Jose' says, "I don't make women beautiful and men handsome. I show them they already are. Eber comes to the Plano Salon and hangs his hat 4 to 5 times a year where he gives private consultations and with his talented staff performs magic.
Jose' believes in Dr. Samuel Lam's concept for the Willow Bend Wellness Center. "His vision is so amazing, it's phenomenal. I give him a lot of credit for seeing into the future, understanding it and putting the right people together to make it happen. He was brilliant to bring this team together." With great conviction and compassion Jose' says, I don't make people beautiful they already are!
"Our salon's vision is to grow and align with a quality and eco-friendly brand such as PHYTO. With the shared philosophy of beautiful healthy hair, a clean presentation and precision hairdressing, there is no limit to where the salon can go." Artistic Director, Alban shares.

The salon was renovated in the Summer of 2011 and features l'espace phytoT, a dedicated retail space within the salon to incorporate the philosophy of achieving a healthy hair and scalp through plants. L'espace has an interactive area featuring modern, transparent shampoo dispensers and the Phyto hair scope, which magnifies the hair and scalp 200 times. The scope will be used to give clients a "Phyto Rx" and a better understanding of their hair care needs. The salon also offers a complete menu of botanical treatment options that may be customized and offer a specific solution for all hair types. To add, the PhytoSpecific botanical hair relaxer is also a menu option for those with naturally curly, textured hair battling the Texas humidity.

Jose Eber Salon also carries the brand's professional hair color line- Subtil and Subtil Botanics. Subtil is a complete hair color range featuring more than 150 permanent and demi-permanent shades, highlight creams, primary colors, color boosters and ancillary products including technical shampoos, developers, oxidizers and a 7 tone lightening paste.
Subtil Botanics is a permanent hair color range of 12 shades that contain 15% to 81% natural pigments extracted from the following tinctorial plants: Indian wood and Brazilian wood, Madder Broom, Calliopsis. The range has low concentrations of ammonia (0.76% to 3%), NO-Phenylenediamine (PPD) and resorcin, thus reducing the risk of allergies both for the stylist and the client. Each formula respects the hair and scalp making Subtil Botanics extraordinarily safe to use, yet effectively fully covering white and gray hair.

Mr. John Cortese, PHYTO's Vice President of Sales, adds, "We are excited about our new partnership with Jose Eber Salon. The salon caters to a luxury clientele that is synergistic with our mission and brand. We look forward to a successful future."


About Jose Eber Salon- Plano, Texas
Jose Eber Salon located in Plano, Texas, for convenience to both Dallas metropolitan and suburban areas. This top Dallas hair salon is the destination of choice for those seeking the best, most advanced hair salon services that Dallas has to offer. A specialized team of stylists and colorists staff the Jose Eber hair salon in Plano. Mr. Eber himself graces the salon with his presence several times a year. Those occasions are true media events and sell out well in advance of his designated arrival date. The artistry and precision of Jose Eber come together at this high caliber Plano hair salon to deliver unparalleled customer service. Patrons of the Jose Eber hair salon in Plano have access to services that many people would cross continents to obtain.

PHYTO (fee-toe) is a leader in botanical hair care treatments for all hair types. Created by Parisian stylist Patrick Alès in 1967, PHYTO formulas boast extremely high concentrations of active botanical extracts with clinically proven results. Phyto is manufactured and distributed by Alès Group, USA, a subsidiary of Alès Groupe, a family-owned business located in Bezons, France. PHYTO does not test on animals. Please recycle. For more information, please contact 1.800.55.PHYTO or visit .