Jewelry PR for David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry to be Launched by Pierce Mattie PR

Jewelry designer, David Tishbi, has enlisted Pierce Mattie Public Relations ( to oversee his Jewelry PR campaign. The PR firm has been tasked with generating consumer awareness about the collection of luxury jewelry that is elegant yet modern.

David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry specializes in a "two-tone" jewelry process, emphasizing a striking juxtaposition of gold and sterling silver. Unique options in conventional solid metals are also available throughout the expansive collection. Many pieces are adorned with semi-precious stones from an array of possibilities including amethyst, garnet, diamond, pearl and tourmaline. Each item stands alone in its distinct craftsmanship.

"We are very excited to be working with David Tishbi Jewelry," said Réal Hamilton-Romeo, Senior Account Director. "David has impeccable taste and amazing insight and his collection stylishly intertwines sophistication and contemporary design," Réal concludes.

David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry is carried in retail establishments worldwide, and at For inquiries about David Tishbi Handcrafted Jewelry please contact Pierce Mattie Public Relations at 212-243-1431.

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