The New PitchEngine Explained

Why the upgrade?

The New PitchEngine
The New PitchEngine
  • The New PitchEngine
    The New PitchEngine
    The New PitchEngine
    The New PitchEngine

Since I launched PitchEngine way back in 2009, it's become so much more than what I created it for. It was built as an alternative to the traditional press release and push distribution process. Instead of sending documents via email or news wires, for the first time, PR pros could easily package-up their own branded content into a single web page. Before PitchEngine, press releases were for journalists almost exclusively and pdfs and image email attachments were the norm. 

As the platform grew and users needs changed, the PitchEngine "machine" needed to evolve. It's become a daily tool for many PR firms and is growing like crazy among small businesses and brands looking to connect with their audiences directly. We needed more speed, more stability and a framework we could build on. Here's what's new (and a hint of what's ahead):

We built the new PitchEngine from the ground up. Because the focus is on better content, we made it easier to create great pitches. Here's a video that quickly demonstrates some of the new features.
When creating, user can now:

  • Easily add links, bolding and other formatting without the use of html
  • Set publish dates for pitches 
  • Add images/logos of all types
  • Alter the order that images, videos and related links are displayed (drag-and-drop)
  • Print the pitch directly to a pdf (yes, this was actually a request!)

The "Pitch" has become our signature. In many ways, it's like Twitter's "tweet" or Facebook's "wall post." We spent a ton of time dialing in the format and are still enhancing and tightening it up. The new pitch features:

  • Rich multimedia integration 
  • Individually "tweetable" Quick Facts (This is really cool - see example)
  • Super-functional sidebar - contact, about (and much more - like messaging - coming)
  • Related pitches - pitches form subscribed brands will be displayed on free pitches
  • Facebook commenting (coming real soon)
From a user account perspective, we've baked-in a ton. Because we have large PR agencies with a large number of clients and PR reps on the system, we needed to provide better navigation and account management which was a big driver behind the update. A few of the features we're rolling out:


  • Deeper analytics (You can read more here on the "follow" tab
  • Multi-user account login and management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Multimedia library, archive
  • Account billing management


While there are always bugs and issues to iron out with a launch of this magnitude, we're excited by the feedback and what's in store for our users. We've spent the past three years formulating the direction of PitchEngine and this is only the first of many steps toward a different kind of online marketing software for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

@jasonkintzler, founder/CEO