Greenback Expat Tax Services Gathers Expat Feedback With 2016 Expat Opinion Survey

Leading expat tax preparation service encourages US expats to share their opinion in order to protect and promote American interests abroad 

HONG KONG - (April 7, 2016) - Greenback Expat Tax Services announces the launch of its 2016 Expat Opinion Survey, open until May 18, 2016 for US expatriates across the globe. Greenback, which specializes in providing expat tax services and consulting for thousands of Americans located around the world, is conducting the survey to gather insight from US expats about filing US taxes, the upcoming Presidential Election, US government representation, renouncing citizenship, FATCA and other US tax and expat lifestyle topics.  

"The goal of our annual survey is to gain an accurate representation of the issues and topics most important to US expats ," said David McKeegan, Co-Founder of Greenback Expat Tax Services. "The information we gather from the survey is critical to understanding how we, along with government leaders, can help protect and promote the interests of all Americans living and working abroad." 

This year, Greenback has invited a survey advisory board, comprised of expat influencers - Expat Everyday Support Center, Expat Network, FAWCO, Where Americans Are Welcome and World of Expats - to provide their perspective on these topics. Through their respective organizations, they will advocate for all expats who share his or her opinion by participating in the survey.  

The short, five-minute survey consists of questions about a variety of tax issues, allowing participants to weigh in on topics like the new passport revocation law, increased citizenship renunciations, FATCA regulations, FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Reporting), the upcoming Presidential Election and its effect on expats, the Affordable Care Act and more. The survey gives American expats the opportunity to speak their mind about expat taxes and other issues faced by those living abroad, and provides valuable insight into what expats need in order to better understand and comply with their US tax obligations.  

Expats can access the survey here.  

Once the survey insights have been gathered, Greenback will be compiling a variety of reporting and resources to share with journalists and other expat advocates. This information can be obtained by emailing Greenback will also be sharing the results with all survey respondents.  

More About Greenback US Expat Tax Services 

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