Employee Style of the Week: Katrina's Casually Waiting for Spring

"Adornment is never anything except a reflection of the heart" - Coco Chanel

We might have six weeks left of winter, but Katrina’s outfit will have you dreaming of spring. Her sweatshirt helps get our minds ready for spring flowers and by adding the white tank underneath, not only is she staying stylish by layering, she adds a layer of warmth for the winter.

The casual look she creates with her outfit by pairing this nice floral sweater with a pair of distressed jeans is simple, yet completely trendy. The fishnet tights under her jeans create a cool effect through the rips of her jeans and also provide additional warmth. The Converse shoes add to the laid-back vibe she is projecting and she ties it all together with the single accessory of a black belt. 

Kirra Sweatshirt: $10

Target Tank: $4

Fishnet tights: $5.99

Distressed Machine denim: $15

Converse Shoes: $12

Total Cost: $ 56.99

Come into Plato’s Closet and have Katrina create a similar look for you!