Facebook: The New Revelation.

Potratz Blog

Facebook? It’s this generation’s Atari, which isn’t a surprising revelation given the fact that currently there are over 800 million users.


But, that’s not all; Facebook is now a staple on most phones with the simple free download of an app. I take a look around and I see Facebook users everywhere, checking their walls and updating their status’ at restaurants, movies and even while walking down the street. Not too mention spending hours of free time exploring the world of Facebook from home and even while at work. When you have a product or platform that is in such high demand, there is always a way to capitalize on it. For example, Facebook is available through TV’s, DVD players, eReaders and now, it will even be available in a car. Mercedes-Benz USA is bringing a special version of the online social media site to its cars.


Understandably this new adaptation of Facebook will be different from the regular application you can access via computers, phones and various other electronic devices due to the importance of safe driving. However, it will still allow drivers the ability to communicate to their friends by sharing pre-written postings that a driver can publish with the tap of a finger or a turn of a knob. In addition drivers will also be able to track their friend’s locations or find places of business within the car’s vicinity that their friends have “liked”.


“Now that cars have screens that are intelligent, you would expect that more and more car manufacturers will want to make those screens capable of allowing people to connect with their friends and take advantage of the social context that comes along with that,” said Facebook Vice President of Partnerships and Platform Marketing Dan Rose in an interview.


So, I ask you, what do you think about Mercedes-Benz’s idea to create a car with Facebook? Would you want your car to have this new ability, and would you use it?