Window Cleaning Solution

Formulating homemade window cleaning solutions is a proficient method to save considerable amount of money .

Expert at window cleaning solution stated that you can easily make homemade window cleaning formula with the available substances in your home and can be prepared using nontoxic ways. Why Choose a Homemade Cleaner?


In actual fact, many people have never considered formulating their own window cleaning solutions. This is chiefly due to the expediency they receive from just shopping and selecting a bottled lab-made cleaning solution. However, because of the continuous efforts of many people to encourage everyone to adapt a green way of living, more and more people are beginning to realize that these products are hazardous to the environment.


From the materials drawn on to make the bottles to the fuel bushed to move the products from one place to another, commercially made glass window cleaning formulas are considered harmful to the environment. You can either make use of refined white or cider vinegar for this cleaning solution. Glass cleaners formulated using rubbing alcohol also make great cleaning formulas since alcohol is known for its immediate evaporation without leaving marks. These solutions are cheap and can be used directly from their containers or mixed with other cleaning substances. A club soda and a flannel cloth are also efficient materials to make your window smudge-free. To eliminate sticky spots from your windows apply the vinegar alone. You can utilize hydrogen peroxide in the amount of ½ cup hydrogen peroxide and four cups of water.


This formula sanitizes and cleanses glass windows and other home parts effectively. To get your windows shiny utilize newspaper to make them sparkling clean. Write names on the bottles of the homemade cleaning formulas specifically if you store them in accessible places. It is not helpful to clean your window glasses in areas that the sun is shining directly.


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