Priority One Credit Union

Priority One Credit Union, headquartered in South Pasadena, California, has taken a member-centric approach for more than 80 years

Founded in 1928, member-owned Priority One Credit Union continues to provide services at a lower cost and higher advantage than major financial institutions controlled primarily by stockholders. Members of Priority One elect individuals to the credit union's board of directors and supervisory committee. The process protects the members' best interests and furthers an ethical business model.

Many members take advantage of the credit union's affordable loan options. Members seeking to finance an automobile receive a .25% rate discount, provided they have an established checking account with direct deposit. They may also benefit from up to 100% financing on the purchase price and flexible terms for up to 72 months, depending on the vehicle’s age. Furthermore, members preparing to buy a home may choose from a variety of options, including fixed-rate programs for as many as 30 years, interest-only programs, adjustable-rate mortgages, and plans targeted at first-time buyers. Priority One also provides an option for members with no income and no assets and offers cost-efficient home equity loans of up to $200,000, featuring repayment terms of as many as 15 years. Additionally, the credit union offers personal loans and credit cards with competitive rates and rewards.

In terms of checking and savings accounts, Priority One empowers members with benefits including minimal fees and automatic overdraft protection. Similarly convenient and member oriented, the credit union's individual retirement accounts provide the advantage of tax-deferred earnings and possible deductions.

Headquartered in South Pasadena, California, Priority One also maintains locations in Burbank, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, and Van Nuys, as well as an office at the Los Angeles International Airport.