Companies Should Invest in Google+ Brand Pages, Says Punch Communications


Google’s recent launch of Google+ and the subsequent introduction of its brand pages serve to reinforce the importance of social media in the world of businesses. As a result, despite still being in its infancy, companies need to act quickly, create profiles and identify how it can be leveraged for beneficial businesses purposes, says PR Agency Punch Communications.  

In today’s technologically lead marketplace, it is critical for both small and large companies to stay up-to-date with new opportunities which will raise brand awareness and allow them to connect directly with their audiences. Despite being a new to the social sphere which has, and still is, led by Facebook, Google+ is certainly not to be shrugged off as simply another variation of a social media institution. As well as some unique functionality, Google+ will undoubtedly offer further advantages in terms of search engine optimisation.


Ben Leuty, account manager at Punch Communications, commented: “Google+ is important for brands when considering both SEO and social media opportunities. Although Google+ currently occupies a smaller fan base when compared other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, this is likely to change as social search is integrated into everyday search results. With Google’s dominance over the search engine stakes, Google+ is likely to be a primary platform in influencing results, even more so than Facebook.”


Google+ also offers additional functionally that is yet to appear to any great extent on other platforms. “Hangouts”, are a unique functionality created by Google+ to let brands host live video or audio chats between themselves and their audience. Providing a creative opportunity to engage directly in discussions and receive immediate feedback and comments, ‘hangouts’ could soon be seen as a modern way of face-to-face consumer liaison.


Furthermore, Google is planning to take their social media platform even further by integrating content within map searches. Image search results are in fact already displaying pictures posted by Google+ users and sharers within its results, providing further possibilities for brand visibility.


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