Despite Falling Sales, PR Companies Can't Afford to De-prioritise Print Media, Says Punch Communications

Recent statistics have revealed that sales of the UK's top 100 print magazines have fallen by almost a third, from 31 million down to 22.8 million since 2000. However, despite this, PR companies can't afford to de-prioritise print media when pitching a story, says traditional and online PR agency, Punch Communications.

Notwithstanding the declining sales, print publications still engage their audience for much longer than their online or e-newsletter counterparts. Indeed, recently released figures suggest that the average time a consumer spends reading an e-newsletter is merely 51 seconds. In comparison, 82 per cent spent, on average, 45 minutes or more reading a magazine.

Ben Leuty, account manager at PR company Punch Communications, commented: "It's sad news that sales of traditional print media are falling at such a high rate but this doesn't mean for a second that PR companies should even consider de-prioritising them when pitching a story. Agencies of course need to take the age demographic of the target audience into consideration in terms of the type of media they prefer to consume, but an additional consideration is that if a product is targeted at a younger audience, is it them or their parents who are likely to make the actual purchase?

"Studies have shown that households with high print media readership have higher than average weekly household expenditure. With this in mind a healthy mix of print and online is often the best means of attack to achieve the most favourable results."

Print media still appeals to a huge audience which is increased by the actual readership of the publication as, being a tangible product, they generally have greater visual longevity and can be highly impactful. Punch Communications is a PR, social media and SEO agency which understands the importance of a multi-faceted approach to media relations.

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