Retweet Competitions Can Increase Followers By 1000 Per Cent In Two Weeks, Says Punch Communications

Brands that are new to Twitter can boost followers and therefore their online visibility on the social network by running a retweet competition, according to Punch Communications, an integrated PR, SEO and social media agency, which has just increased one client’s followers by almost 1000 per cent in just two weeks.   

This example, a competition for Schneider Trading Associates, required people to follow @schneidertrading and retweet one of its competition posts to enter into the draw. The contest that will result in one lucky tweeter winning an iPad 2, just in time for Christmas, has not yet closed and Punch expects that when it ends at 5pm GMT on Wednesday, 23 November, Schneider’s following will have been multiplied by well over 1000 per cent.   

Whilst not every new follower through this type of activity will be part of a business’ primary target audience, as the sphere of social influence rapidly expands it creates increased brand awareness and on-going broadcast reach. In addition, a profile with a large number of followers is often perceived more positively so a firm can benefit from a competition’s results long into the future; a profile that posts regular, engaging content, which is also well-followed, is likely to be of greater appeal to Twitter users over subsequent months and years.

Keredy Andrews, senior account manager at integrated PR company, Punch Communications, said: “Social media competitions that require a very simple action from entrants are attractive and effective as the visibility return on the investment of a prize is likely to be high; the follow and retweet approach on Twitter embodies this strategic activity, whilst timing, such as the run up to Christmas, and the particular prize on offer can also augment the results.

“As a form of online PR, the benefits of a retweet competition stretch beyond the numbers of people entering as it would be naive to believe every participant is interested in the business’ offering. What is significant is improving brand awareness and to instantly to take advantage of the broadened reach. Brands must capitalise on the engagement opportunity by providing followers with interesting content that encourages interaction and shares; it is this that will lead to wide spread message exposure and conversion.”

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