With the launch of Facebook Timeline, Punch Communications urges brands to take a personal approach

After months of anticipation, Facebook has launched its new Timeline for profiles, making interaction between users more personal. Brands therefore need to follow suit and ensure brand pages engage with Facebook users on a more personal level in order to encourage one-to-one interaction,  says search, social and Public Relations Agency Punch Communications.

The Timeline enables users to share their entire lives with their friends on the social networking platform, cataloging everything you have done on Facebook since joining in one scrolling screen. The Timeline feature also allows users to add more detail about their lives before joining Facebook, through pictures and updates, back to birth.

“As Facebook tries to further differentiate itself from Twitter and other social platforms, by making profiles more personal to the user, its important brands also take note of how they are interacting with fans,” says Kirsty Shaw, account manager from Punch Communications a PR, Social and SEO Agency. “It’s easy for brands to forget when using Facebook that it should provide a social experience, and not merely act as a sales platform.”

“Users like to interact with brands on a one-to-one basis and feel as if they are being talked to, not talked at, therefore it’s important to ensure updates are on a personal level with fans and try to reply to comments where possible. Engagement is key and therefore think about what the fans want to talk about on the page and ensure your posts play to those strengths.”

Facebook Timelines are currently optional, but will soon be rolled out to all users. Kirsty continues “Once users have decided to adopt timeline for their profiles, they still have seven days to hide or delete any posts from the past that they don’t want friends to see before the profile goes ‘live’”.

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