Purebred Breeders and Trupanion Pet Insurance ink Affiliate Deal

Purebred Breeders will now offer customers 30 days of Trupanion pet insurance with each new puppy

Cooper City, FL- Purebred Breeders the premier option in the marketplace for purebred and designer puppies has just signed a deal with Trupanion Pet Insurance to offer customers 30 days complimentary pet insurance for each puppy it places.

Just like health insurance for people, pet insurance offers coverage when you most need it and protects you against costly dog health issues in the future. Purebred Breeders wants to educate its customers to the benefit of pet health insurance by offering this 30 day trial with each puppy they place. Trupanion Pet Insurance offers the most comprehensive coverage with no payout limit, coverage of 90% of veterinarian bills, no penalties for submission of claims, and premiums do not increase as any pet ages. In addition, Trupanion covers all diagnostic tests, surgeries, and medication if a pet becomes sick or injured, including congenital and hereditary conditions with no limits on payout per claim, per incident, or per year. Purebred Breeders hopes every customer will choose to continue coverage after the 30 day introduction period, giving each puppy we place the opportunity for the best health care throughout their life.

"As an organization we are always looking for better ways to serve our customers, we spoke to a number of pet insurance companies and realized this would be an added benefit for anyone who chooses to bring a new puppy into their family. We chose Trupanion after careful investigation and found they offer the most comprehensive coverage for pet insurance plans. Our hope is that this 30 day complimentary benefit from Purebred Breeders will educate our customers to the value of pet insurance and insure that they will have confidence that their puppy will have the best lifetime medical care possible when choosing Trupanion ," stated Keryn Rod, Director of Communications Purebred Breeders.

Purebred Breeders is committed to providing families with well-bred puppies from the finest source of responsible and professional breeders while delivering exceptional customer service and puppy education. Leaving our customers with lifelong memories of the positive impact Purebred Breeders has had on their families.