Rheem Adds Steam Humidifier to Indoor Air Quality Line

Important New IAQ Solution Alternative for Contractors and Homeowners

FORT SMITH, Ark. - With the introduction of the Rheem Steam Humidifier, Contractors are now able to offer their customers today's most technically advanced humidifier. Not only a source of indoor comfort, it can help lower energy bills and protect occupants, buildings and furnishings from the effects of improper interior humidity. The Steam Humidifier is a strong addition to any Contractor's indoor air quality comfort offering. The new Rheem Steam Humidifier features unrivaled ease of installation and thoughtful features designed ensure the humidifier maintains optimum home comfort.

"Contractors who add IAQ accessories to their standard comfort solution package are tapping into the heightened comfort expectations and healthy living life style of a rapidly expanding market segment that is expected to reach more than $10 billion by 2011," said Adam Schuster, manager of product marketing and development, Rheem. "The new Rheem Steam Humidifier is an additional contractor profit center and a product that can be sold year round and is less sensitive to seasonal sales cycles of heating and cooling systems."

The Rheem Steam Humidifier was designed with installation flexibility in mind; it uses an optional remote mount capability for inclusion on any residential heating system in any home. Installation only requires inserting one 1_-in. hole and four screws to mount the humidifier to a lightweight bracket. The humidifier also features push terminals for easy wiring and a clean, neat professional installation.

The Rheem Steam Humidifier offers numerous benefits to homes and homeowners. Controlling home humidity can prevent dry skin, chapped lips and other discomfort as well as protecting wood flooring, furniture, decorative woodwork and other materials subject to contraction and expansion with humidity changes. Another benefit is that air with moisture naturally feels warmer, meaning that homeowners can set their thermostats at lower levels for even greater utility bill savings and lower energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

Maintenance is simple for both the Contractor and homeowner. The Rheem Steam Humidifier automatically refills itself, and only needs it storage tank cleaned once a year. Contractors do not need any special tools to access the tank, which features an Incoloy 600 heating unit to prevent mineral build up. The Rheem Steam Humidifier does not rely on moisture pads, which may cause water inefficiencies and bacterial growth, instead the Rheem Steam Humidifier is able to create one gallon of moisture for every gallon of water produced, making it one of the most efficient humidifiers available.

The Rheem Steam Humidifier comes in three capacities, six, nine and 12 gallons, and is protected by a five year parts warranty.

For more information, please visit Rheem.com.