Applications No Longer Supported on Personal Profiles on Facebook

Musicians Can Make the Move to Pages With RootMusic's BandPage

This week, Facebook is discontinuing all public facing applications on personal profiles. Facebook is quickly ushering in the age of the "Page", a way for musicians on Facebook to separate their personal profiles from their trade. From top acts and artists to local bands, everyone is getting a Page in anticipation of the change. Tools and games will remain safe in your application sidebar, but bands and artists that promote their music from a personal profile are going to lose the ability to share music with their fans.

RootMusic has been working hard to provide a stable solution for musicians on Facebook: BandPage. With BandPage, musicians can create a customized, professional presence on Facebook to interact with fans and bring them all the content they want from their favorite band. BandPage lets musicians upload music, tour dates, videos, photos and more - all instantly shareable to the walls of friends and fans.

"With the new rules of Facebook stating that applications are only public and visible on Pages, it is now imperative that musicians who want to maintain a presence on Facebook get a Page," stated J Sider, CEO of RootMusic. "With BandPage we're helping musicians make the move to Pages whether they never had music on Facebook, lost their music on their personal page, or are coming to Facebook with their band for the first time."

Artists like Kanye West, Grateful Dead and Kings of Leon, as well as over 50,000 bands around the world are all using BandPage as their new home for music on Facebook. Since launching in March 2010, BandPage has grown to 8.5 million monthly active users, and is the fastest growing music application on the Facebook network.