Rostin Ventures Uses Video SEO to Help with Personal Branding

Video SEO improves personal branding

Rostin Ventures Video SEO
Rostin Ventures Video SEO
  • Rostin Ventures Video SEO
    Rostin Ventures Video SEO
    Rostin Ventures Video SEO
    Rostin Ventures Video SEO

Video SEO (search engine optimization) may just be the ticket for improving one's personal branding efforts. Video SEO can play a big part in boosting rankings for a company, a news website, or even a personal brand. For example, a public speaker or independent consultant looking to improve their personal brand can use video SEO techniques to improve his or her online reputation.

Using video SEO is a way to place positive content above potential negative online content about a person. When done properly, video SEO is 53 times more likely to generate first-page rankings on Google than relying solely on traditional SEO efforts. Google’s search engine algorithms are pushing videos to the top of search engines, which means it is something crucial for branding of any kind. And while corporations may have a hard time pulling off corporate videos without having a marketing committee examine the pros and cons, individual practitioners just need a small video camera and a flat surface to set it on, and they are ready to go.

Videos have become an important part of the online experience. According to, 80% of Internet users are watching videos online. Videos have become more accessible in recent years through the introduction of video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Viddler. All of these are also a great boost for video SEO for personal branding.

For example: Sheila, a public speaker, wants to increase her search engine rankings and control the results that are returned when people search for her name online. She needs to demonstrate competence and ability. Demonstrating her speaking abilities on a video is an obvious fit. The obvious choice is to post a video that highlights her expertise to show meeting and conference planners her abilities. As an added bonus the videos themselves could also show up on a Google search whenever people search for her name.

Sheila should create a short video — no more than 5 minutes — post it to a few video sharing sites, and then embed it on her website, to help with her video SEO. Her video should be her actual live presentation (not a staged talk to an empty room), as well as endorsements from previous audience members, and a direct address to the camera from Sheila outlining her selling points as speaker.

Sheila has a better chance of getting her full message across to a prospect with a video, rather than  just relying on a flat paper resume or a text-heavy website. And since most meeting planners require a video anyway, posting it online will avoid the cost of producing and mailing DVDs, which will only be watched once or twice before being filed away, or worse, thrown away.

Finally, it helps tremendously that Google puts such stock into videos now. Sites that have video outperform sites that rely only on photos and text, which means video SEO is going to outperform traditional SEO any day.

With Google rankings weighing videos heavier each day, she can push her brand to first-page results by following video SEO techniques like captioning and keyword tags on sites like YouTube, which also gives users the opportunity to attach full transcripts to videos, allowing for keyword-rich text. Search engines can then search the associated text to properly rank the video. The transcript also allows viewers to jump to a specified point in the video’s timeline. By having the video properly tagged and attaching the text can have a dramatic impact on Sheila’s video SEO.

Video SEO is a powerful tool to control a personal brand online when used with traditional SEO techniques. By posting these videos on YouTube, embedding them on her site, and following some basic video SEO techniques, like captioning and keyword tags, Sheila can improve her search engine placement, which will grow her personal brand, and help her find the speaking engagements she wants.

Rostin Ventures Principals have 20 years managing public relations online, advertising and 10 years in internet marketing.  The company has refined SEM, SEO and social media marketing strategies including Video SEO.