Three Brand Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Market your brand to promote revenue

Brand marketing is that nebulous concept of marketing that everyone understands, but no one really knows how to do, because there's just so much to it. A brand marketing campaign can include anything from websites to brochures to coupons to social media.

Here are three brand marketing tips that most marketing books won't share with you, but can still have a dramatic impact on your sales and your bottom line, including one that runs counter-intuitive to what you've believed about brand marketing before (hint: it's the last one).

<h3>Brand Marketing Tip #1: Find a Referral Partner</h3>
As a small business owner, you'll get to know people in your community, your field, and even some of the competition. And believe it or not, some of these people can become a valuable referral source for your business.

Find someone who works in a related industry, or a competitor that serves a different niche than you (i.e. an accountant who works only in medical practices while you work only in restaurants), and then start referring potential clients that fit within each other's niche.

For example, since you work only with restaurants, you're in a good position to introduce a client to someone who is in food service sales, provides financing to restaurant owners, or who does professional kitchen cleaning. And each of them can introduce you to their clients as well.

<h3>Brand Marketing Tip #2: Cross-Promote Your Brand With Another</h3>
Cross-promoting with an allied business can often result in new customers for both of you.

Let's say a restaurant wants to get some additional weekday business, while a nearby theatre wants to promote their weekday shows. A cross-promotion can involve the two businesses creating a special package: buy two tickets to the show, get a free dessert at the restaurant on the same night. Or, buy the lobster thermidor on Wednesdays, and get two free tickets to the theatre on Thursdays.

The restaurant and the theatre share this deal in a special announcement, emailing it to both customer lists. Maybe even point the customers to a website where they can pre-order tickets and make dinner reservations.

<h3>Brand Marketing Tip #3: Your Logo Isn't That Important</h3>
Do more people use Google than Bing because of the logo? Do more people buy McDonald's instead of Burger King because of the logo? Of course not!

Then why are you so worried about yours?

Yes, your logo is important. It represents you, but that's not why people are going to choose your company over another. They're going to base the decision on your service, your value, and of course, your brand marketing. Rather than spending a couple thousand dollars on a new logo, save your money, and get a <em>good</em> logo. Save yourself the stress and money from finding a great — and expensive — logo. Put the extra money into a website and blog, or to pay for a trade show, to find new sales. Customers won't buy from you because of your logo, they'll buy because you've got something they need.

Brand marketing takes on many different techniques and tactics, and they have different levels of importance and effectiveness. These are just three brand marketing tips that we can recommend, but they can have a dramatic impact on your business and your bottom line.