High heels prove hot to trot this Christmas

Survey shows stilettos are still the shoes of choice despite wintery conditions

The nights might be turning cold and the roads getting icy but an online poll suggests it will take more than a drop in temperature for women to ditch their high heels this Christmas. 35% of women surveyed said they wouldn’t be packing away their heels despite the icy, and potentially treacherous weather conditions, seemingly prioritising style over practicality. Given the option of walking home bare foot, 65% of women said they would rather keep their heels on even if it meant their walk home risked injury.


The survey, conducted by footwear retailer Rubbersole.co.uk, also revealed that some women have had no choice but to walk home barefoot after a night out - almost a fifth of those questioned have lost a shoe in a pub or club! Women in London and Northern Ireland were deemed the most likely to misplace their footwear. Though it’s unclear as to how so many people are losing their shoes it might explain the large number who are asking for shoes this Christmas - of those surveyed 40% said they were hoping to receive one or more pairs of shoes this festive season.


Should Father Christmas fail to pay a visit, it seems many of those who took part in the poll will be treating themselves to some new shoes this yuletide. Nearly 50% of those who participated said they were prepared to spend up to £40 on footwear for themselves, with a further quarter saying they would splash out up to £80. However, it’s female Londoners over 45 years old who are the most affluent when it comes to forking out on new shoes this Christmas, with 5% of the total number surveyed saying they would spend in excess of £300.





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