Iowa Schools in Race to Deploy 1:1 Technology

SecurityCoverage Releases Results of 2012 Iowa 1:1 Survey

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (May 4, 2012) – SecurityCoverage, Inc. – through its TotalTech Education service offering -- today announced the release of a statewide 2012 Iowa 1:1 Survey. The survey was conducted to understand how Iowa schools are progressing with the nationwide 1:1 initiative, which is designed to put technology devices such as laptops or tablets into the hands of every student and change the way students learn. The effort is well underway in Iowa, and appears to be rapidly accelerating. 

Educators taking the 1:1 journey face many challenges. Access to technology is seen as critical and schools are taking steps to execute crucial changes in their classrooms to keep education relevant and meaningful for students. Schools are distinctly aware of the technical and funding challenges, but recognize that changing the educational culture in areas like faculty training and curriculum development will be their biggest hurdles.

Key findings:

Surveyed schools awarded themselves just a C+ overall for their implementation of 1:1 technology plans, but the vast majority are actively working on plans to improve. 

The use of 1:1 technology in the state of Iowa is growing rapidly
While there are a few early adopters, the real growth is happening now.

  • The total number of 1:1 schools is expected to grow by nearly 158% between 2011 and 2014.
  • By 2014, 80% of the schools surveyed expect to be operating at 1:1.

Biggest challenge = cultural change

Schools indicate that their biggest challenges involve changing the culture around education.

  • Schools ranked training faculty and curriculum development as the biggest challenges they face.
  • Logistical and technical issues were viewed as middle-tier challenges.
  • School boards are “on board” with plans to implement and are viewed as highly supportive.   

1:1 Needs improvement
Schools were asked to grade their 1:1 technology plan. Collectively the self assigned grade point average was only a C+.

  • Schools who have already implemented 1:1 graded themselves a B, while those in planning stages graded much lower at a C.
  • Less than a third of the current 1:1 schools gave themselves an A.

In general, schools are struggling with both theoretical and practical implementation, and are challenged to create solutions on their own without the benefit of well-defined resources or practices. TotalTech Education was created to provide single-source consulting services to assist schools with these challenges. 

“Smart educators know that they have to flip the classroom and engage students differently in this digital age,” said SecurityCoverage President Bob O’Dell.  “We commend the schools that are ahead of the curve and can’t wait to help make the path easier for those who are gearing up for the future.”

The survey set out to discover trends, provide a benchmarking tool for schools, and start conversations around the challenges educators face in putting a computing device into the hands of every student. More than 1,100 administrators and technology personnel from all 550+ schools across Iowa were asked to reply, with almost 10% of districts responding.

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