How to Stick with Your Fitness Routine over the Holidays

Here come the holidays, between the decadent foods and desire to get out of the cold, this stretch of weeks can compromise anyone's movement regimen.

Hello, I am Marcy O'Koon Moss, editor-in-chief of Arthritis Today and will be providing a few tips on how to overcome the holidays and keep moving:

Make an "appointment."
Schedule your exercise as you would a meeting or party - and keep the appointment. It's even easier if you are part of a regular class, such as the Arthritis Foundation's warm-water Aquatic Program or land-based Exercise Program.

Sneak it in.
"Your exercise routine may get derailed by shopping trips and errands but try to fit in extra steps by parking far from the front door of the store, taking extra laps around the mall, and trying to use the stairs instead of the elevator, if you are able.

Break up your workout.
Experts tell us we should get at least 30 minutes of exercise to see the benefits of physical activity. Try segmenting your workout into three 10-minute sessions that you can squeeze in throughout the day.

Work out at home.
When time is tight, don't waste it driving to the gym. Stay put and dust off the stationary bike or treadmill, or pull workout videos/DVDs off the shelf.

Involve visitors.
When family or friends are in town, it's important to get to spend time talking with them while getting your exercise. Invite your loved ones to get moving with you: Take them for a walking tour of your neighborhood, do exercises with you or have them join you at the gym.

Set realistic goals.
Instead of working out five times per week, you may have to settle for three. But that's OK: A study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine found those who set realistic goals were more apt to stick with exercising than those who set loftier goals.

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