Studies show connection between seniors' exercise and health

Written by
Barb Berggoetz

It's never too late to start exercising -- and to reap the benefits.
Four studies published this year in Harvard University health and medicine journals reveal a strong connection between seniors -- especially women -- who exercise and their mental and physical health, according to Senior Helpers. It is a companion and personal care provider in Canada and the U.S., with seven franchises in Indiana, that offers seniors home care.
"We've known that regular exercise translates to serious health benefits for seniors for years, but connections of this magnitude are incredible," said Peter Ross, CEO of Senior Helpers, in a press release.
The Harvard researchers' findings show even moderate exercise can help:
» Women who exercise regularly (at least five to six hours per week of activities such as walking briskly) at age 60 were almost twice as likely to live beyond 70 with no cognitive, physical or mental health limitations.
» Women age 65 to 75, who participated in low-level strength-training exercises, showed significantly improved executive function (high-order thought processes involved in decision-making) and also improved physical walking speed (leading predictor of fall and fracture risk), compared to a control group.
» Men and women older than 55 who exercise at a moderate level or higher (about three times per week) were half as likely to have dementia later in life compared to those who didn't exercise regularly.
» Women, age 70 and up with mild cognitive impairments (a common precursor to dementia) who engaged in aerobic exercise four times per week, showed significant improvement over a control group in cognitive and physiological tests over a six-month period.

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