Medical Practices Are Encouraged By Successful EMR Implementation At Other Facilities


Healthcare organizations now have access to electronic medical records software that is easy to integrate and quickly learned by staff. EMR Trust® offers products and services that are proven to make the switch to medical records software an easy one.

The inevitable move of having electronic medical records replace the use of paper records is something that has been predicted for some time in the healthcare industry. However, it’s a considerable undertaking, particularly for facilities that have decades worth of patient data on file that would need to be transferred. There has also been hesitation in the past because of the perceived unreliability of the electronic medical records software that has been available. The sensitive nature of this information means every precaution needs to be taken to ensure that the data is lost or damaged while still seeing that it’s accurately transferred to electronic form.

These concerns have begun to diminish now that EMR companies like like EMR Trust® have emerged with products that successfully address them.  As healthcare facilities witness the smooth transition made by those utilizing the software of EMR Trust®, they realize the technology is actually reliable and can be trusted. They also see just the increased efficiency of practices using gloEMR®, EMR Trusts®’s premier product.

Those still hesitant to make the move to electronic medical records software because they worry that it will require valuable time and resources to train staff also gain confidence after speaking with colleagues who have used the program first hand. They attest to gloEMR®’s intuitive interface, which is based off of the Microsoft Office® layout, making it easy to pick up. So the transition is as seamless as possible, EMR Trust® works with clients throughout the process, using a 5-step assessment that identifies problem areas so they can be addressed accordingly.



Combining the expertise of multiple organizations, EMR Trust® has created an electronic medical records solution to the medical community. The industry-changing gloEMR® software developed by EMR Trust® has made it easy for medical offices to make the transition from paper patient records to an electronic format without the high risk of loss of data. For more information or to receive a free quote, visit or contact the company directly at 866-792-0392.