Shefali Nagdev's Umbrella of Affordable Social Media Services

Online marketing and advertising is no longer limited to the traditional PPC and SEO campaigns

We live in an age where the widespread penetration of the World Wide Web into our everyday lives cannot be debated. While the internet has been a great way for businesses to reach out to their customer base in the past, things are only getting better with the passing of time, and affordable social media services have given many businesses a new frontier.

Online marketing and advertising is no longer limited to the traditional PPC and SEO campaigns, and social media is the new buzzword. Popular websites such as Facebook, Digg, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more are all part of the social networking platform; and the main reason that advertisers are looking at this platform is because of the large number of internet users that visit these sites, a number that only continues to grow.
If you are looking to increase awareness about your business, then using the social media platform to do so is definitely a good idea. However, since effectively putting into place an online marketing strategy does call for some expertise, using the services of a social media expert is the safest way to go about it. This is where a social media expert such as Shefali Nagdev can be of help.

The services that are offered under her umbrella include creating and managing accounts on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, as well as services such as video posting, forum posting, blog posting, review & comment submissions, directory submissions, article writing, etc.
The services of Shefali Nagdev have already helped a number of businesses in achieving their desired targets, but in the words of Shefali Nagdev, "Delivering optimum results is an ongoing process, and so is adapting to the ever changing computing technology."

Based out of India, Shefali Nagdev has been associated with the social media network since its very inception and offers a range of affordable social media services. Also being of the opinion that "social media optimization and marketing is simply the merging of social marketing, search engine marketing, and traditional media forms", you can be sure that all aspects of online marketing at looked at whilst your needs are addressed.

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