Happiness: The Perfect Anecdote For a Healthy Heart

Author Craig Stafford Says Science Shows You Can Protect the Heart With Optimism

Think Happy: 9 Thought Paths To Happiness
Think Happy: 9 Thought Paths To Happiness
  • Think Happy: 9 Thought Paths To Happiness
    Think Happy: 9 Thought Paths To Happiness
    Think Happy: 9 Thought Paths To Happiness
    Think Happy: 9 Thought Paths To Happiness

The BIG Breakthrough

Are you a skeptic of alternative medicine and self-help principles who look for and rely on proven scientific evidence? Look no further. Science agrees that being upbeat is the perfect antidote for a healthy heartbeat.

Scientific Evidence

Harvard University's online journal, The Harvard Gazette published an article entitled “Protecting the heart with optimism: Positive thinking linked to reduce risk of cardiovascular events.” Research fellow, Julia Boehm wrote that “optimism, life satisfaction, and happiness are associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) regardless of such factors as a person’s age, socioeconomic status, smoking status, or body weight.” She goes on to say that “the most optimistic individuals had an approximately 50 percent reduced risk of experiencing an initial cardiovascular event compared to their less optimistic peers.”

This is a credible example of the power of positive thinking and how our thought life determines our day-to-day life. If positive thinking has the power to reduce CVD despite smoking status and body weight, can you imagine the benefits you can receive through advanced positive thinking and exercise? The great essayist Leigh Hunt said it best “The groundwork of all happiness is health.”

Visualization is the key to adopting a positive mindset and more healthy living. In his MoreLife Program Author Craig Stafford AKA The Think Happy Guru, offers some simple yet powerful suggestions taken from his advanced coaching visualization workshop:

Craig Stafford AKA Think Happy Guru's Coaching Visualization for Advanced Positive Thinking

Step 1: Sit in a quiet and comfortable space (if you like you can light an aromatherapy candle and play soothing music)

Step 2: Close your eyes and visualize yourself climbing a grand mountain and reaching the top. When you get to the top you notice there is a sign that says “I am healthy and living on top.” You pick up the sign and hold it up high.

Step 3: Open your eyes and say out loud “I am healthy and living on top”

Step 4: Find an exercise that’s suitable for you, get and stay active.

Stafford encourages everyone especially people struggling with health issues, to remain optimistic and stay open-minded about the endless possibilities for improved health and a longer life. There's scientific proof that having a positive outlook can do wonders toward improving your overall optimal health.

Craig Stafford is the author of the E-book, "Think Happy: 9 Thought Paths to Happiness," available on amazon.com and the nook.com. The "Think Happy Guru" also offers a Manifesting Happiness Workshop.

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