Shelving Depot - Focus on Merchandising

End Unit Blitz

With all that is happening in the stock market and negative talk from our national economists, one might feel the urge to lock the doors and give up. On the other hand, late reports seem to have proved 1st quarter sales were up in 2012.

What does this have to do with merchandising? Nothing, but the philosophy of being optimisitic about the rest of the fiscal year. For many retailers, the Spring usually brings a gradual growth in retail sales.

This is the perfect opportunity to make a change, and commitment to extra sales in your retail store for the remainder of the year. Regardless of your store condition, good or bad, the simplest and least expensive way to increase sales and give your store a visual face lift is through end unit blitz.

This play is to be tackled by gathering all your information on products and then systemaatically going through your store, usually right up the middle, and changing the display on every end cap in the store.

End units provided by the Shelving Depot, have proven themselves as the workhorse or profit center of any retail environment. Because of their location, end units afford better visibility of products in an uncluttered enviornment. Products stand alone in almost a, "Framed by space'" type thus increasing even further the chance for purchases.

This all proves the importance of neat, clean, organized displays, with interesting, visually arranged products. When selecting products to feature on end units, select ones that will increase their sales directly and add profit to your bottom line.

There can be many types of products that fit this criteria, like impulse or tie-in, but any and all store fixtures featured should add to profits. This should rule out lost leaders as an item to be merchandised on an end unit.

If anything, no store should ever present itself to the public poorly, and by upgrading just end units, this will certainly improve a visual image on a limited budget. A factory manufactured end unit, consisting of metal adjustable gondola shelves and pegboard back should cost complete around $200.00 or less. Easy installation will allow you to save again, and most important will give your store the new, fresh look it might need. Lets be optimistic about the rest of this year and prove that better merchandising and retail displays, in a neat, organized and well stocked store can add profits to your bottom line.