"High heels never fit properly. Even one of Cinderella's fell off."

Shoe Wars Starts.

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 “High heels never fit properly. Even one of Cinderella’s fell off.”

Shoe Wars” are raging on! “Shoe Wars” is a side scrolling platform game recently launched as a free to download app on iTunes, where the aim of the game is for players to spend the most money on their credit cards in the SW department store and prove to be the ultimate shopper.

In this fabulously addictive infinite game you won’t be able to stop playing, as players get to live the dream of every label conscious Fashionista and spend as much as they can on shoes. Each game starts at 0.00 and the player who spends the most on their card wins. Find the credit card limit increase to be propelled up through the game.


“If you never take off your high heels, how will you know how fast you can run? Conversely, leave them on and discover how fast you can live.”


Players must collect every pair of stiletto, kitten heel, slingback, skimmer or wedge shoes on sale to amass the most stylish collection and become the envy of your friends. Whether they’re for a job interview (they’re an investment), there was a 50% off sale (buy two pairs), it’s Christmas party season (in 10 months), you’ve won a million on the lottery or you won ten pounds on the lottery - “Shoe Wars” in a sale its every woman for themselves.

All the while players must avoid the renovations being made to the store and the games true nemesis – the dreaded bank manager. If the bank manager catches you on a spree he’ll cut off your credit limit and repossess your style.

If you happen to come face to face with the real life nemesis (bank manager) here are some helpful retorts to escape his clutches with your credit and shoes in tact;

1. Yes they're expensive, but it equates to about 0.000001% of your bonus. So fair's fair.

2. (Fabulous You) It's not over spending if it's not your money.

    (Bank manager) It's the bank's money!

    (Fabulous You) So YOU'VE overspent! Naughty bank! But thanks for the shoes

3. You told me to take the right financial steps. So I bought the right financial shoes.

4. It's not a SPEND, it's an INVESTMENT.

5. Is this not what you meant when you talked about the footsie one hundred?

You won’t have to avoid your bank manager when you download “Shoe Wars” because it’s free and fun and available at http://itunes.apple.com/app/id505430756?mt=8

If you don’t download this game then you’re guilty of one of the 5 crimes of shoe buying;

  1. Anything in yellow (Unless you live on Sesame Street).
  2. Espadrilles (Shoes made of old rope, NO!).
  3. Anything with a buckle (Unless you’re a pirate).
  4. Sandals (Do you live in a commune?).
  5. Not downloading “Shoe Wars”.