What if you don't practice Self Acceptance?

Self Acceptance

Self acceptance is a double edged sword. It has its pro and cons too like any other thing you find in this universe. Though self acceptance proves to be a very beneficial trait if implemented but it way too hazardous if not implemented or done in a wrong way.

Self acceptance redeems joys and benefits unexpected and unexplored, it gets into your blood and soul to change the world for you but everyone has a lookalike and so is true for self acceptance. Self deception is a clone of self acceptance. The line of margin between both is close to negligible.

Now a question arises. What is self deception?
Different people, different perspective
Self deception is that trait in which one after a lot of failed attempts puts a simple belief in his mind that the goal is not job. It can't be achieved. This is simply putting false boundaries on your natural abilities, in the process degrading our self-potential.

To ease out on your nerve, the famous childhood story which we all must have heard or read about a fox who was greedy to get a bunch of grapes hanging from a reachable distance. After a lot of failed attempts, the fox finally lost patience and hence declared that the grapes are sour, but actually neither the grapes were nor the fox ability to get them. It was just a false restraint which hampered fox's desire to savor the fruit.

This is a perfect example of how one acceptance can turn into deception in no time.
Here are some of the consequences you might face if you don’t accept yourself:

  1.  Self Deception: If you do not recognize who you truly are and fail to embrace the real you then you are deceiving yourself  by projecting yourself the way you desire to be or think yourself to be.
  2. Won’t be able practice self love: If you don’t recognize, acknowledge and embrace yourself and your emotions, you won’t be able to  love yourself. Self love is a follow up to self acceptance. Without one, the other cannot be achieved.
  3. Won’t able to trust yourself: Acceptance of who you truly are forms the basis of the trust you have in yourself. If the foundation is not strong and sturdy then the building is bound to be weak and may collapse anytime. Self acceptance helps you to develop and experience basic trust in yourself.
  4. Life will be a burden: If you do not accept and love who you are then nobody else can. Life in such a scenario would be devoid of any happiness and would seem like a burden. Life is a beautiful gift, don’t waste it away and enjoy it to the optimum.

To avoid all these negative effects observe self acceptance and see a prominent positive change in yourself and steer your life in a more positive and brighter future.