Handbags Are the Preferred Purchase Among Women, Survey Shows

Silverhooks.com Gives Women Unique and Stylish Ways to Protect Their Purses

Women love their handbags! That’s the outcome revealed by a recent survey conducted by a popular shopping app in the UK, saveme4later.com, which polled 2000 of their users on their buying habits. Purchasing a new handbag came in ahead of shoes, concert tickets, jeans, jewelry and chocolates among the items women most like to buy for themselves.

A recent story in the UKs Doncaster Free Press reviewed the survey and reported that, “Women get more pleasure from buying a handbag than from any other item.”

“Instead of splashing their cash impulsively, most women now spend a lot of time carefully thinking before they buy a new handbag and are more likely to return to view the desired product on a couple of occasions before purchasing” writes the Free Press. Adding that in these tougher economic times, “81 percent of women said they were more careful with what they buy now than five years ago and say they put more thought in to their spending.”

We know that’s true. Women still want their fashionable accessories, but they want them for a good price. A little bit of money needs to go a long way for  thrifty fashion mavens shopping for the best deals, which is why at Silverhooks.com we offer so many well-priced, fashionable purse accessories.

As the survey revealed, women get pleasure from  buying purses - but when you observe women sitting in a restaurant, theater, bar or public event, you can see how awfully we treat our precious bags. In the absence of an empty chair, stool or table, we often have no choice than to lay our purses on dirty floors, sandwiched between seats or slung over sticky chairs and dripping wet raincoats. When we are out in public, there is almost never a good place to put our purses, but the dirtiest place in the room: on the floor. Why do we treat something that give us so much pleasure so poorly? Our mission at Silverhooks.com is to provide a way for our customers to give our favorite accessory the treatment it deserves. We provide a fashionable way for women to enjoy their pricey handbags, while keeping them safe from potential thieves and clean from dirty floors.

No doubt every woman who carries a bag has had moments when she’s needed to put her purse down, but had nowhere to do so. Public restrooms with no hook on the door present a real challenge. Do you try to balance your purse on the rounded toilet paper holder or set it on the wet, toilet-paper-covered floor? Thankfully, there is an easy and accessible answer to every woman’s purse problem: purse hooks! We have over 100 purse hooks and hangers available in a variety of styles, decorative embellishments and colors to fit every woman’s fashion preferences.

Our classic purse hooks come in easy-to-find and easy-to-clean pouches so that you can quickly retrieve your hook and safely and cleanly hang your purse out of your way. We also have attractive bracelet hangers that look like pretty fashion accessories to anyone else, but they double as a purse hanger when you need it. For the harder to hang, slim evening clutches that don’t offer room for more than keys, lipstick and a cell phone, Silverhooks.com offers a selection of tidy little folding purse hangers.

Shopping for the things we love is a way for hardworking women to release some of our tension. Our purses are where we keep our lives: our makeup, wallets, photos, pens, business cards, cell phones - everything. Our purses become an extension of ourselves, as they travel with us everywhere we go. Keep your favorite functional fashion accessory clean and safe with the right purse hook from Silverhooks.com.

At Silverhooks.com, we take purse fashion to a whole new level.