Need to Upgrade Your Company's Performance?

Implement Your Version of "Cash for Clunkers"

Around every corner in an organization there are dollars to be saved or opportunities to be seized. Sometimes you just need a little help in identifying those situations.

Organizational development expert, Tim Sieck, suggests that companies consider implementing their own Cash for Clunkers program. Metaphorically, of course.

In his recent article, Cash for Clunkers for Organizations, Sieck gives managers and executives four opportunities to improve workplace productivity, focus, retention, and satisfaction:

1. Review policies and procedures. If it is doesn't help move the company towards success, consider modifying or eliminating unnecessary steps.
2. Sales and marketing. If your processes aren't helping your customers solve problems, a revamp may be needed.
3. Training and development. Ever considered training through delegating? Saves your time and effort and provides some of the best training available.
4. Staff. Now is the perfect time to evaluate the current employee mix and make changes. There is an abundance of skilled people in the job market today.