Dorm Drop Off - Tales From a Real Mom

BLACKSBURG, VA, August 29, 2011
You've heard the adage, "You just can't make up things that funny." This week's Campus Chat (#campuschat) by Smart College Visit (SCV) will feature Nancy Berk as she tells tales of dropping sons/daughters off at college. You really can't make up the funny adventures of dorm drop off from a mom's perspective. Campus Chat is at 9pm EST on Wednesdays.

Dr. Nancy Berk, psychologist, award-winning humor writer & stand up comic, is a real mom who has experienced the joys and trauma of college search, college selection, and now dorm drop off.

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Dr. Berk is also co-host of Whine At 9 T a radio/web audio program that transforms pet peeves and everyday gripes into smiles and solutions. Click here to hear Smart College Visit's session on Whine At 9 T.

You can also hear Dr. Berk's "College Mom Minute" segment on SCV at this link:

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