`Bath Salts' Raise Health Concerns

Government officials are warning the public about a potential epidemic dealing with synthetic drugs known as “bath salts” that are gaining popularity among youths. 

According to Family Practice News, “bath salts” began to draw the attention of health care providers and U.S. officials in 2010. When the synthetic drugs are smoked or ingested, users can experience a variety of reactions, varying from paranoia and hallucinations to seizures. 

Throughout the U.S. there have been at least 30 deaths - some of them suicides – linked to the “bath salts,” says Mark Ryan, director of the Louisiana Poison Center. In some cases, there have also been reports of users attacking emergency department staff and paramedics who were dispatched to provide aid. 

The compounds for these synthetic drugs can be still be purchases legally in many cases. They are often sold at gas stations, smoke shops, and convenience stores and labeled as plant food or herbal incense. According to the National Drug Control Policy, the drugs are also often labeled “not for human consumption” in many cases in order to avoid any regulations.

 U.S. lawmakers are beginning to address this new issue both on the state and federal level. 

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