Best Buy Sued in Consumer Fraud Lawsuit

Best Buy customers have filed a class action consumer fraud lawsuit claiming the retailer’s cell phone protection plan conceals contract terms about replacing a damaged phone with a new device.

Debra Wanless initiated the consumer fraud lawsuit, which alleges that she purchased Best Buy’s Geek Squad Black Tie Protection plan under the impression that she would receive a brand new phone if her phone became damaged. She claims that the company did not provide her with the terms and conditions of the plan, or a contract nor did they inform her of where to retrieve one, according to Courthouse News.

The consumer fraud lawsuit claims that when Wanless broke her phone and brought it in to a Best Buy for a replacement, she was told that they could “at most” provide her with a refurbished phone.

Wanless claims that she spent $254 on insurance for her cell phone prior to filing her complaint. She further says that if she knew the terms of the contract, she would have never paid as much for the insurance plan or may have never even purchased it to begin with.

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