Birth Injury Lawsuit Settled for More Than $9 Million in the UK

Doctors failed to diagnose and treat mother's appendicitis during pregnancy

birth injury lawsuit has been settled for more than $9 million for the family of a man who was left severely disabled after he was deprived of oxygen at birth.

According to the London Evening Standard, Ronak Patel was born at the Northwick Park Hospital in November 1982, where doctors failed to diagnose and treat his mother’s appendicitis while she was pregnant. This error caused him to be deprived of oxygen at birth. Now 29-years-old, his speech and vision is very limited, and he has no use of his arms and legs and cannot sit or stand unaided.

The birth injury lawsuit claimed that if doctors at the hospital had performed an appendectomy on Patel’s mother, he would not have been born with his disabilities. The settlement will fund around-the-clock care for Patel and allow him to return home to his family.

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