Dangerous Drug Lawsuit Filed Against Makers of Dexatrim

The weight-loss drug maker Chattem was slammed with a dangerous drug class action lawsuit over its drug, Dexatrim.

Tracey Lipton initiated the class action after reading a report by ConsumerLab.com, which states that Dexatrim contains hexavalent chromium, according to Courthouse News. The report states, “Hexavalent chromium is a more toxic form of chromium than the one our bodies require, which is trivalent chromium."

The dangerous drug lawsuit claims that the substance is a carcinogen and that ingesting copious amounts of it can cause ulcers, upset stomach, liver damage, kidney damage and even death.

Lipton claims that she purchased Dexatrim many times since 2008 under false pretenses. She claims that she would not have purchased the product if she had been fairly warned about the danger it posed to her body.

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