Dietary Supplement Recall for EphBurn 25

Brand New Energy recalled its dietary supplement EphBurn 25 after notification from the Food and Drug Administration that a sampled lot of the product contained ephedrine alkaloids, making it an unapproved drug.

Ephedrine is used commercially in a variety of ways including as an appetite suppressant and weight-loss supplement, as well as a decongestant and concentration aid.

However, several undesired effects are attributed to ephedrine alkaloids, such as elevated blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, nerve damage, muscle injury, psychosis, and memory loss. Other serious side effects include stroke, heart attack, seizure, and death.

However, there have been no such reports of adverse effects associated with the recalled product.

The voluntary recall initiated on August 28 affects all lot codes and use by dates of EphBurn 25. The product is a 90-count bottle with red capsules that was distributed nationally across various stores and was also sold on the Internet from April 2010 to August 2010.

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