Family Suspects Elder Abuse at NC Nursing Home

The discovery of head injuries to an 86-year-old resident at a North Carolina nursing home has led to a police investigation regarding potential elder abuse.

The elder abuse investigation by Greensboro Police began after the family of Elizabeth Kennedy – a resident at Maple Grove Health and Rehabilitation Center with dementia – noticed she had injuries on her head. While officials at the nursing home confirmed that she had taken a blow to the head, Louise Jones – Kennedy’s daughter – suspected that a member of the center’s staff punched her in the head.

“It was all kinds of emotions when I saw her–hurt, anger, revenge,” Jones said, according to WGHO, Greensboro’s Fox affiliate. “She’s like my child. She can’t get up. She can’t walk. This is the coldest of anybody. They’ve got to be of the devil. They have to be.”

Jones added that she hoped the nursing home would admit to any wrongdoing, and was concerned for the other residents at Maple Grove. While the home offered to move Kennedy to a new facility, Jones said that she had to remain there because it is the only home that her doctor can travel to.

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