FDA Makes Plan to Avoid Heparin Contamination

Plan designed to help manufacturers have better control over heparin and avoid contamination

The Food and Drug Administration has issued recommendations to ensure heparin, a blood-clot prevention drug, is safely produced.

According to MSNBC, the FDA has issued these recommendations after heparin doses were found to be contaminated four years ago, setting off concerns about the global pharmaceutical supply chain. The plan is designed to help manufacturers of finished products, active ingredients and others have better control over heparin and avoid contamination.

In early 2008, the FDA began receiving reports of serious adverse reactions and even some deaths among patients who had received heparin injections. An investigation found that batches of heparin from Baxter International Inc that had been made in China were contaminated. This sparked a political debate concerning the lack of inspections of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities that were located in other countries.

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