Honda Sued in a Product Liability Lawsuit

A class action consumer fraud lawsuit filed against American Honda Motor Co. claims the carmaker refused to honor warranties for defective Honda Accords that run out of oil quickly and require frequent spark plug replacements.

Alex Soto and Vince Eagen filed their complaint in California federal court claiming Honda Accords from model years 2008-2010 have a design defect that lets oil into the engine’s combustion chamber, causing excessive oil consumption, engine malfunction, and premature corrosion.

The product liability lawsuit claims Honda violated California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act and unfair competition law, breach of warranty under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and breach of express warranty. 

Soto and Eagen seek to represent all former and current Accord owners who paid for a repair or an excessive number of oil replacements due to the alleged car defect.

Another California resident brought a similar product liability lawsuit against Volkswagen for the company’s Audi A4 vehicle.

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