Insecticide Chalk May Contain Toxic Substance

Health Canada has issued a warning for a pesticide product known as “Insecticide Chalk” that is manufactured in China because it contains highly toxic substances.

According to the agency, the product is not registered for use in Canada and sample tests have revealed that it contains deltamethrin - a pesticide that can cause serious health effects if it is used incorrectly. Children who mistake the product for blackboard or sidewalk chalk can become exposed to the pesticide and potentially harm themselves

There have been reports of several children who were hospitalized after eating the chalk. Side effects that can occur from overexposure to the product include stomach pains, vomiting, tremors, convulsions, and loss of consciousness.

The product is sold under names such as "Miraculous Insecticide Chalk," "Insecticide Chalk," and "Cockroach Chalk."

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