Insurance Denial Lawsuit Leads to $10 Million Award

An Ohio couple has been awarded $10 million after winning a consumer fraud lawsuit that claimed their insurer refused to provide a lawyer or pay their auto claim when they were involved in a car accident that injured a person and killed another.

According to Lawyers USA Online, Donald Cox and Kathryn Cox Baugh purchased an auto policy from Personal Service Insurance Co. (PSIC) three months before the accident occurred. After the accident, PSIC claimed that the couple’s insurance had been canceled before the car accident happened.

Kathryn claimed that her insurance agent had sent her a cancellation notice a month before the accident, but that she had sent an appeal and been informed by the agent that she indeed was still covered.

A jury found that the company acted in bad faith when it refused to provide the couple with car insurance following the accident. It awarded the company $10 million.

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