Judge Sets Dates for Chantix Lawsuits Against Pfizer

A federal judge in north Alabama set dates for the first two Chantix lawsuits against Pfizer that claims the stop-smoking aid caused adverse psychological side effects that led to fatalities.

The two dangerous drug lawsuits are part of a group of eight selected by the U.S. District Judge Inge Johnson to be test cases, or bellwether cases, in the litigation. Johnson will preside over these trials, according to the Birmingham News.

The first Chantix lawsuit, set for October 22, 2012, involves the suicide death of Minnesota resident Mark Alan Whiteley. The second case, set for January 22, 2013, involves Oregon woman Sandra Corey, who became depressed and committed suicide by gunshot.

Most of the 2,498 Chantix lawsuits filed deal with claims that the drug caused severe depression and anxiety, erratic behavior, suicidal thoughts and hospitalizations.

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Photo courtesy of Rob Lee via Flickr.