Judge Upholds Verdict in Taser Lawsuit

Over the past decade, personal injury lawsuits over stun gun injuries have arisen, but rarely have resulted in a verdict. However, last week a federal judge upheld a jury’s finding in a wrongful death lawsuit that claimed law enforcement’s use of a Taser killed a North Carolina teenager.

According to the wrongful death lawsuit, police officers killed Darryl Turner when they tried to calm him down by shooting him with a Taser. The incident occurred while Turner acted out after he was fired from a local market. A medical expert testified that the Taser’s electrical current disrupted the teen’s heart rhythm, causing his heart to stop beating.

The jury found that Taser International Inc. failed to warn users that when Tasers are used on the chest, sudden cardiac death may occur. They awarded Turner’s family $10 million but a judge reduced damages by more than half, according to NBC.

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