Kentucky Girl with Cerebral Palsy Gets Service Dog

Companion dog will help her perform everyday tasks

A Kentucky girl who was born with cerebral palsy has been given a companion dog by a group of companies that would ordinarily cost tens of thousands of dollars and will likely help her perform everyday tasks better than before.

According to Louisville’s NBC affiliate WAVE-TV, 5-year-old Addison Childers was born with cerebral palsy that affects her ability to walk and causes her to have seizures.

However, a partnership between Milk-Bone and Kroger recently led to Addison receiving a service dog from a non-profit organization that provides companion pets to people with disabilities.

"Her big issue is her balance and coordination, and she's not able to walk around like typical children are,” said Dustin Childers, Addison's father, according to Louisville ABC affiliate WDRB. “This dog is going to be a walking assistant to her, give her the ability to get around the classroom, get around our house just on a lot better scale than any walker can give her."

If not for the gift from the companies, getting the dog could potentially have been a sizable expense. WAVE reported that the service dog was valued at $20,000.

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