Knee Replacement Surgeries Doubled in the Last Decade

A new study has revealed that knee replacement surgeries have doubled in the last decade with 4.5 million people in the U.S. walking around with the devices today.

According to the Los Angeles Times, researchers analyzed information from the U.S. Census, the National Health Interview Survey, the Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study, and the Osteoarthritis Initiative. They found that the largest increase in knee replacements occurred among younger people with Osteoarthritis as a major cause.

Of those who were ages 50 and older, 4.7 percent had a knee replacement. Among those who were between the ages of 70 to 79, 7.1 percent of men had the device while 8.2 percent of women had one.

Among those who were above the age of 80, close to 10 percent had the surgery.

The widespread use of artificial knees may mean more revisions of the replacements, and also could mean more complications associated with the joints, the authors of the studies said.

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