MBTA Wants Award Cap on Personal Injury Lawsuits

Massachusetts commuters and others hurt on equipment or property owned by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) face the prospect of a $100,000 cap on personal injury awards if a proposed bill gets a thumbs up by state legislators.

The bill’s opponents believe the legislation will arbitrarily punish people who suffer severe injuries due to bus or trolley collisions, escalator accidents and other public transportation-related accidents, according to the Boston Herald.

The MBTA wants a damages cap on personal injury lawsuits similar to caps currently in place for similar judgments against all other agencies, cities and towns in the state. The financially troubled transit authority estimates the cap will save it $4 million annually.

However, the proposed bill comes as various states seek to “reform” existing personal injury laws by capping the amount of damages that victims can be awarded for harms such as severe pain, disfigurement, and physical and emotional distress, among others.

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