Merck Sued Over Coppertone Ads

Merck & Co. is being sued in a class-action consumer fraud lawsuit that claims its advertisements about its Coppertone sunscreen were deceptive in promoting the degree of sun protection the product offers.

The plaintiffs say they were misled by promises of “full defense” against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and found that the product was not as effective as advertised, according to Law360 (subscription required).

The complaint states, “Defendants have deceptively labeled, advertised, marketed and otherwise represented that many of their sunscreen products are ‘sun block’ lotions when, as defendants knew or should have known, such products did not block all or anywhere close to all of the sun’s harmful rays, particularly UVA rays.”

The plaintiffs also said that Merck was misleading when it claimed that the product would provide all-day protection and was waterproof and sweat proof because the protection allegedly diminished over time and after exposure to water and sweat.

A Merck spokesperson said the company believes it provides consumers with accurate information about its sun-care products, according to Law360.

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