Monsanto Settles Chemical Exposure Lawsuit for $84 Million

Monsanto Co. has agreed to pay $84 million to settle a class action chemical exposure lawsuit that claimed the chemical manufacturer polluted a West Virginia town with unsafe levels of Agent Orange.

According to the Associated Press, the class action lawsuit claimed that the plant operated between 1949 and 2004, and its production of Agent Orange-created dioxin as a toxic chemical byproduct, which residents were exposed to.

The chemical exposure lawsuit claimed that dust samples from homes and blood samples from residents of Nitro, West Virginia were both found to have extremely high concentrations of dioxin. Dioxin can build up in tissue over time and has been linked to a number of adverse side effects, including birth defects, cancer, and suppressed immune functions.

The settlement will be used to provide health monitoring for the residents of Nitro, while thousands of people who worked or lived in the town will be eligible for benefits. It will also be used for professional cleaning of thousands of homes.

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