More Personal Injury Lawsuits Against the NFL

A new wave of personal injury lawsuits may be on the horizon for the NFL after four of its former players filed complaints in Atlanta state court, last week, over the New Orleans Saints’ bounty system.

The alleged bounty program is a system that offers monetary incentives for injuring players on opposing teams. The personal injury lawsuits claim that the league did not adequately protect its players from concussions. The plaintiffs allege that they suffer from headaches, memory loss, depression, and other symptoms characteristic of people with traumatic brain injuries, according to USA Today.

Legal experts anticipate more complaints to be filed against the NFL, using the Saint’s alleged bounty program as an example of how the league “explicitly relied on violence” and failed to inform the players about the dangers of concussions.

In other related news, a mass personal injury lawsuit regarding concussions was filed in Philadelphia against the NFL by 70 players and their wives, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal. They seek cognitive health benefits, medical monitoring, financial compensation for the short and long term and chronic injuries.

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