Musician With Cerebral Palsy Benefits From New Device

While the prospects of a child born with cerebral palsy performing and composing music may have been grim years ago, new medical technological breakthroughs are making such hopes for UK teenager Chris Jacquin.

Seventeen-year-old Jacquin, who hails from Edinburgh, was born with cerebral palsy that affects his ability to hold or play an instrument. However, his love of music has led to his composition of some songs, and after working with Drake Music Scotland he can now utilize a special system called “Brainfingers” to play different instruments through a computer.

"We've adjusted Brainfingers to be sensitive to Chris' jaw movements, so as he increases the pressure between his teeth he goes through a trigger line which Brainfingers is reading," said Rick Bamford, Drake Music Scotland's music technology officer.

The system was originally developed to help people just like Jacquin who have limited motor control access computer products through alternate muscle movements and their brain activity. After placing a sensor-filled headband on the user’s head – or in Jacquin’s case, a “bite switch” in his mouth - brainwaves and movements are detected and used to communicate with a nearby computer.

Since beginning to use Brainfingers, Jacquin has been able to both play and compose music on his computer. He currently is working with other disabled musicians on a commissioned piece for the Cultural Olympiad this summer in Edinburgh and London, Yahoo reported.

The “Brainfingers” system is yet another example of the products that are available to people who were born with birth injuries such as cerebral palsy that can help improve their quality of life. However, the costs for products such as this can sometimes be quite expensive, and they are oftentimes not covered by health insurance.

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