Nursing Home Lawsuit Results in $8 Million Award

Ignored injuries of patient in nursing home results in millions for family

The estate of a retired surgeon was awarded $8 million after his legs were broken while he was under the care of Treyton Oak Towers nursing home in Kentucky.

According to the Courier Journal, the complaint said that Dr. David Griffin’s legs were broken in September 2008. However, his injuries were ignored as he was put back in his bed as if nothing had happened and employees were told to change medical records to hide the injury. Due to a stroke Griffin previously experienced, he was unable to inform anyone of the pain was in, according to the nursing home abuse lawsuit.

His two broken legs were not discovered until on September 24, 2008. He was taken to a hospital and transferred to a different nursing home, but died on November 3, 2008.

The lawsuit alleges that Griffin had severe osteoporosis and was transferred without a lift and by one nursing assistant, violating the nursing home’s care plan that requires patients to be lifted by two nursing assistants.

The jury deliberated for two hours and ordered the nursing home to pay $2 million for pain and suffering, $5 million in punitive damages, and $1 million for violating the state nursing home statute.

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